Sunday, August 16, 2009

Here's some footage from previous multiplayer combat with Arma1 and Steelbeasts:

Preview to Operation Steel Wasp

Howdy all,
This website will chronicle the ongoing Arma2 campaign called Operation Steel Wasp. Arma2 is an all encompassing military simulator. Tthe campaign is being conducted by those of us in the Loscon Heavy Industries or LHI gaming group. We are a bunch of friends that have been gaming together via LAN and online continously since about 1992. There will be about a dozen people involved in this game most playing, some just as commanders or non player actors.

This is the second online campaign we have attempted. The first, which took place a year ago involved a tactical decision game which took place in the 1866 Austro-Prussian War. This campaign lasted about two months and was a fantastic experience for all involved. Since then we have been thinking about our next campaign. Arma 2 provides a perfect platform as both a wargame and a combat simulation as you shall see in the coming months.

Our group contains a nice mix of older and younger players, from 12 ( a few sons) to 50. We've all been playing together for a while so even the younger kids can be counted on to participate in a serious and mature way. our experience ranges for several retired or current long term serving military vets, IT professionals, medical professionals, and other unmentionables.

More to follow......